The Puzzle Piece

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A few days ago the puzzle pieces of my book began to fall into place. After yet another read through realizing that something was missing, I have finally seen what it is.

Of course, now I know what was conspicuous by its absence, I am faced with what seems like an impossible task. A whole new section of book is not just something you can slip in without the rest of the story altering in some way.

The amount of work I have yet to do is surprising and dismaying. However, I believe in my story…and I believe in the boys it is about…and I will work as long as I have to get it right.

I read a book recently called The Traitor Game, by BR Collins. It is a brilliant evocation of teenage life and the kind of book that makes me skip a little when I find it in the bookshop. I’m afraid I’ve had a bit of a hunt for the article on-line with no joy, but I read that the author originally left out a whole section of the book, where her two protagonists are seen at school. It was only having written a large fantasy section that she then added it in. It feels good to know other authors do that…and successfully.

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