Ups and Downs

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Writing is one long series of ups and downs.

This week has been difficult, mainly because work commitments and things I’ve said yes to doing have come back to haunt me right at the time I am desperate to sit down with my book and completely ignore the world outside.

Though terribly frustrating I’m inclined to see this as a positive thing. Wanting to work on my book is a lot better than not wanting to work on it. If I can’t stand being in the same room as my manuscript, who else is going to want to read it?

I’ve become rather excited about my work again. I’m half way through edit number three (or four…I’ve lost count) and am pleased that I can still see places to improve things. Only a few days ago I was finding it hard to keep my eyes on the page for more than a minute. Right now I’m feeling a bit more focused.

Which leads me to a confession. I had set myself an arbitrary deadline of the beginning of September to finish this. I’d done so in order to qualify for a bit of a discount from the consultancy I was going with, having even emailed them to confirm this. But as things go, I had a lot on my plate and had to bow out at the last minute. Not for want of working hard though. And I’m under the strict rule of Clare (not the nuns…) that I’m not to let up until it’s done.

In other news, harp thing at a wedding shop last night and lots of lovely creative people there. Went quite well I think. No bookings yet, but it’s early days. Swan Lake in Norwich on Saturday night…..front row people!!!! If I can get a photo with one of those lovely dancers I’ll most certainly post it. (This is the Matthew Bourne version I should add….and if you get the chance to go, fight your way there…take no prisoners)

On Monday I’m off to London for training with SSAFA Forces Help where I’ll get to go to a show in the evening. Not sure what to go for yet…any suggestions?

(Random photo generator came up with Jesus in a ‘manuscript’…still, I liked it 🙂 )

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